What is seo & Search Engine Optimization?


what is seo and search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization is technique of optimizing website to rank high in google search results. There are various factors which decides how your website will rank into google search results. To add these factors into website called seo or search engine optimization. It is done by the seo professional.

In today’s time, the role of seo is increasing day by day as everyone has access of internet. In that scenrio the role of seo professional became very critical as he or she have to beat the high competition.

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What is Seo/ Search Engine Optimization?

As mentioned above, there are many factors which are added into seo or search engine optimization. These factors are discussed below.

There was a time when seo depends on black hat practices but now google only considers whitehat seo practices. White hat seo totally depends on best content marketing practices and user experience. Seo is done by doing the keyword research for your niche and added these keywords into website. Keyword insertion is done into website content, meta description and meta title to indicate google about the theme of your page, post or website. Accordingly google rank your website on the basis of chosen keyword and content quality. The user experience is one of the very important factor for seo. Social media is also considered by google to rank website on search result. Sites with higher number of sharing rank better in search result than the site with low number of sharing. Back-linking, internal linking, site navigation is also important factor related to seo or search engine optimization.

You also have to attach website with tools like google analytics and webmaster to monitor site performance in google search results. When you ask what is seo , the definition get different from previous years after pegiun updates of google. There was a time, when huge number of keyword stuffing and unnatural back-link was the vital part of seo. Now both the things are not into the criteria of google results. Google start penalizing such website. So here is important not only to understand seo but also use best seo practices that can rank your website above than others.

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