The List of Blog Post Ideas & Best Blog Topics to Attract Huge Traffic


blog post ideas

To decide the blog topic and look for the Blog Post Ideas is second step after starting a blog . There are various types of blog post ideas as per the chosen topic of your blog. You should know the target audience of your blog first. Then only you can create the ideas for blog post. So first you should select the blog topic as per your area of interest.

Some basic rules regarding the Blog Post Ideas are as follows-


Write useful topic that are targeted for your audience. Give the the relevant information as per the requirement of the visitors.

Relevant Topics

Topics should be relevant as per the theme of blog. For example – Blog Post Topics for weight loss oriented blog should be as per the theme.

Engaging Topics

Engaging your visitors is essential while writing blog post. Blog post topics are those who can keep engage your customers.

Write Trending Topics

Keep check on google trends. It will help in finding out the trending topics. Your website can perform better in google search results by covering trending topics. Go through the google trends. Choose the category of your blog. Now you would be able to see the topics under your chosen category.


You blog should be very informative.

                        Blog Topics & Blog Post Ideas that Really Works 

Do you want to start a new blog? So now you must be puzzling with blog post ideas. As a new blogger, you don’t have idea what works on internet. Every blog should work accordingly. A theme less blog cannot get a long term success. So you are willing to make your blog on the top of search results then cover blog topics related to the particular theme. here is the list interesting and popular blog topics that always works.

How to Do List 

It is one of the popular blog post ideas if you have expertise in particular field. You can create the How to Do guide on different fields like software, website designing, HTML, Coding, Excel etc. While creating how to do, your information should be accurate to avoid bounce rate and increase customer engagement.


You can cover the topics related to the benefits of particular things. You can cover the benefits of Ayurveda and natural products. As there search demand is very high these days such as benefits of turmeric, benefits of aloevera etc.You can cover a wide range of topics by covering the benefits of natural products.


Health is the main concern of people in today’s hectic lifestyle. Everyone is suffering from various health issues. So there is a huge demand for health related topics. You can cover wide array of health related topics in your blog. It can include also subcategories like men health problems, women health problem, Elderly, Children and Adolescent health.

Weight Loss

Women are suffering for obesity. It can be one of the best blog topic ideas.


There is also huge demand for DIY. You can prepare the guidebook of DIY as per your expertise.


Are you expert cook or cooking is your passion then prepare a cookery blog. Everyday update it with popular and new recipes. Also add your blog on social sharing sites. Your popularity will be on the rise within few days if visitors finds your cooking skills useful. You can add videos for better user experience.


It is one of the easiest blog topic ideas. You can prepare the list as per chosen topics. The different types of list that can be prepared are as follows-

  • List of Service Providers
  • List of  Products


It is one of the popular blog topics. A huge number of people are interested in following business blog to stay updated with the business world. So, if you have sound knowledge and interest in Business, you can start a business blog. You can try keyword planner and google trends for the blog post ideas on business related topics.


Do you always talk about the politics and related conversation? Then the politics related blog can be fruitful. But to write on politics is not cakewalk for everyone. For this, you need to keep eyes on trending politics related issues. Politics related blog can reach to success by writing trending blog topics.

Education Sector

There is huge demand of education blog. The various blog ideas for education sector are as follows-

  • Cover the list top colleges in all courses
  • Admission procedure of top colleges
  • Cover information related to career into different fields.
  • Cover trending news of education sector

Makeup Tutorial 

A person with special expertise can only get success for such blog topics. The blogs post ideas for makeup blog can be as follows-

  • Eye Makeup Tutorial
  • Lip Makeup Tutorial
  • Party Makeup Tutorial
  • Bridal Makeup
  • Office Makeup
  • Seasonal Makeup Tutorial and many more

For the the more ideas for blog posts, you can go through the keyword planner. Learn more about Keyword Research and Analysis.

Parenting Blog

The blog topic fits well for the mother of Toddlers. Because as a mother, you can better share your experience with the world. You can share the tips with new moms on various topics. To enrich the content, start posting the video of your little one.  Follow popular parenting blog for the Blog Post Ideas.

Review Blog 

Sounds interesting, if you love criticizing others, then you can start the review blog. The wide array of  blog can be chosen for it. You can start the food review, hotel, book, movie, phone, other gadgets review as per the area of interest. Writing review is an art. The writer should have the knowledge about the product. Otherwise he would not able to write review perfectly.

Travel Blog

You can earn with your passion which is travelling. Start a travel blog if you love to roam around here and there. Collect the snaps and description about the places you visit. You can prepare an online guide for the travel enthusiastic. This blog post idea ensures the great success and value for the readers.

Above, i have explained best blog post ideas and blog topics that can help you to earn good amount of money. But there is end of number of opportunities available in other field of blogging. You can choose a blogging topics as per your interest. Then you can try keyword planner tool to know the search volume on that topics and other ideas for blog post related to that topic. People always look for the relevant information on particular topic. So if you are expert of any field, keep sharing with it other. You will definitely get the success. Learn Seo Tips to ensure the success of your blog.