Seo Keyword Density Tips- How Much Density is good for Seo


what is keyword density

Keyword Density is play major role in crawling the search results. But it is commonly asked question how much density is good for seo. The time gone when some professionals put keywords in unnatural way to get instant ranking. Now google believes in natural keyword insertion. Why i am talking about natural or unnatural keyword insertion while you are looking for keyword density for seo. Both are the related with each other. Here is some factors related to the seo keyword density which are as follows-

Use 3 to 4%

The keyword density in any web page should be 3% to 4% . It can also be 5% if the article length is long.

Natural Keyword Insertion

It is important to insert keyword naturally. It refers to use synonym of keywords. Sometimes, a keyword is not fit for particular sentence. But you use it to maintain the density of keyword. Here you are wrong as this practice may decrease the search ranking of your website.

As you know that the role of keyword research is very important to increase the google search ranking. But the search ranking cannot get only by doing keyword research. You should also work on using proper keyword density to maintain google search ranking. A seo professional should find out the synonym of keywords by keyword research tool .

Use of Keywords in Different Places

Don’t use keyword only on the page or post of website. There are many other place where you have to use keywords such as Title, Meta Description, Keywords, Anchor Text etc.

Meta Title 

Meta title is should be completed within 10 words. So here keyword density should only 1%.

Meta Description

While writing the meta description of your website, keyword density is 1%. You can use synonym of keywords as well.

Meta Keywords

With every post or page, you also need to insert 3 keywords that you have selected on the basis of theme of your website. Such as there is a page related to Courier Services in Delhi . 

So here you can select three keywords

  • List of Courier services in Delhi
  • Domestic Courier Services
  • Couriers in Delhi

use synonym of these keyword every time.

Google Updates on Using Keywords

Now there is no secret technique to use keywords. Don’t work on numbers instead of it work on doing the natural keyword insertion method. Use synonym whenever it requires. The quality of content and the way it is written is most important in the eyes of google. It give importance to the content as per the the theme and information given.

Role of Keyword Density for Seo 

Whenever someone ask with me how much keyword density is good  for seo. I really got confused for sometime. Because now the time gone whenever seo professional counts the keyword density. Whether it is looking natural or not, you need to put keyword into the content. It means keywords are not put according to the keyword content flow. But now google algorithm for search ranking has been completely changed. Google search ranking relies on natural keyword density . You don’t need to comply with the rules. Insert the keyword as per the flow of the content.

Here is some rules listed for “How Much Keyword Density is google for Seo?”

  • Ideal keyword density related to natural keyword. Although as per the previous norms, keyword density for seo is 3-4 keyword per article. Although, if content flow demands more or less, you can adjust accordingly.
  • Use of synonym is essential to make content search friendly. Synonym use should be as per the content flow.
  • Use long tail keywords with the combination of short keywords.