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Looking for the SEMRUSH Review? You are at right place as I am using SEMRUSH since last one year. I rely on Google products like keyword planner, similar web etc for my keyword research. I don’t rely very much on competitor keyword research in starting phase of my blogging career. But since I started using the SEMRUSH, my blogging has taken a new turn. Now you must be wondering why I am saying so many good words about SEMRUSH. Because it is the wonderful tool for the bloggers and SEO professional. Here are the key features of SEMRUSH that i will prove it is best tool foSEOeo professionals.

SEMRUSH Review- Best Tool for For SEO

As a blogger, you must be aware of the importance of SEO for your blog. SEMRUSH is the best tool for the SEO analysis of your website. It not only analyze your website but also gives in-depth insight about the competitor website. I will discuss in detail about the each feature of SEMRUSH that can help your website to rank better in search results. SEMRUSH features for a blogger are as follows-

  • Competition Analysis
  • Find and Fix Technical Issues
  • Build a Research & In-depth Keyword List
  • Helps in creating search results and reader-friendly content
  • Discover opportunities for more traffic
  • Gives you detailed report

Competition Analysis 

SEMRUSH is an effective tool to research organic competitors and access the volume of organic traffic. It also helps in accessing the keyword information on which your rivals are ranking.



Keyword Analysis Features of SEMRUSH 

1- You can find the total number of keywords on which your competitors are ranking.

2- Once you click on common keyword tab you can find particular keyword position of your websites versus competitor site. You can compare keyword positioning of more than 1 competitor at the same time.

3- Also get the traffic volume of particular keyword every month.

4- You can also estimate how difficult it would be to rank well in organic search results for a particular keyword. The higher the percentage, the harder it would be to rank in organic search results.

5- You can also check the percentage of traffic on a particular page as well as total keywords that trigger that page. Also check position, volume, the percentage of traffic per keyword on particular Url.

Build & Research In-Depth Keyword List

Long tail keywords, branded keywords, semantically related keywords, phrase matches… In order to ensure a stable flow of organic visitors to your site, you need to diversify your keyword list. Find the most profitable search terms for your niche and region among over 700 million keywords in more than 140 countries.

Find and Fix Technical Issues

As a blogger, now you don’t need to hire any technical person. You can find and fix technical issues by using SEMRUSH. A detailed report will appear after entering the URL in search box.

Keyword Magic Tool 

SEMRUSH offers Keyword magic tool. It is one of the best tools for bloggers. Keyword magic tool of SEMRUSH offers following benefits-

  • Offers the complete list of related keywords with the broad match and exact match option.
  • Offers volume of keywords on the monthly basis.
  • There are many more pro features of keyword magic tool.

Helps in creating search results and reader-friendly content

Good content is very crucial to rank well in Google search results. It can be done using right keyword and right content. SEMRUSH not only helps in selecting right keywords but also right content for that particular keyword. It helps in creating quality content for chosen keyword.

How it works

It is very easy to use tool for content research. You can also get the content suggestion for a particular keyword by using SEMRUSH.

Discover opportunities to attract more traffic

Get actionable ideas regarding keywords, backlinks, featured snippets and more, based on the analysis of Google top 10 performers. Uncover the ‘not provided’ keywords to find out which search queries are really driving traffic to your site. Explore websites linking to your rivals in order to pinpoint good backlink opportunities.

Gives In-Depth Report

You also get in-depth SEO report that will help in making strategy.