Questions to Ask when Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

 List of questions to ask when hiring a digital marketing agency.

Here we present some of the key questions need to be asked before hiring a digital marketing agency:

Web Design

Show us some of the previously designed website?

  • Which Type of website you design? – Custom or Template
  • What is Responsive design? – Do you offer it
  • What are your web designing packages and how you decide them?
  • Can I make unlimited pages?
  • Do you offer after designing support? Is there any monthly charges?
  • Would you also help us in domain booking and hosting services?
  • What is the relation between seo and web designing?
  • Will you also write seo content on website?
  • What is website security and how would you ensure it.


 There are some SEO questions to ask when hiring a digital marketing agency. Here is the list-
  • Can you show some of the websites that are doing well in google search results? It is necessary to monitor the previous performance of agency which you are going to hire.
  • What is on-page and off- page optimization?
  • What is seo process and how would you perform it?
  • There are cheap seo service providers. Why are you not so cost effective?
  • Relation between content marketing and seo
  • How much time it will take to rank on the top of search results?
  • How do select keywords to rank on the top of the search results?
  • What are the parameters to rank website on the top of google search results?


Here are some necessary social media marketing question to ask while selecting a digital marketing agency:
  • How social media marketing works?
  • What is the difference between social media marketing and social media optimization?
  • Ask about the tools that are used in social media marketing.
  • Which social media channel is suitable for our business? There are many social media channels but each is not suitable for every business.


These are some crucial questions on PPC campaigns:

  • Total budget required to run PPC campaign
  • How much CTR and Conversion, you can ensure?
  • Can you show results of your PPC campaigns already run by you?

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