Are you looking for the PPC Consultant Rates? If yes then you are at right place. I will guide you regarding the PPC Management fees. There are many companies who hire for the freelancer PPC services. The PPC freelancer rates may vary depend on the experience, expertise and overall budget.  You need to avoid both the things. Don’t quote your charges too low as well as too high.

The factors that impacts the PPC pricing models are as follows-

Your Experience

The most important thing is for deciding PPC consultant rates is the experience. Highly experienced consultant charges very high in comparison to less experienced ones. Clients are always ready to pay high if you have huge experience in this field.

Overall Client Budget

Client budget may vary. It can be from 5 K to 1 lakh and more than it.  You need to put more effort in big budget adword account in comparison to low budget. So Sem consulting rates may vary as per the budget.

Type of Services

It is very important to analyze what kind of services you are offering. PPC consultant rates depends on the gamut of services they offers such as

  • PPC account building from Scratch
  • PPC account management
  • PPC Consultation only
  • Old Account Optimization etc

Google adword setup fee is different from old account optimization. Many clients  ask to build there account from scratch. Some type of clients ask to optimize their old account. They wants to generate more leads as their current campaign is not delivering good results.

One Time or Life Time Services

You can negotiate for PPC Management Fees if client is looking for the life-time services. If he wants only one-time then you can charge high. But you should give the discount on overall monthly fee if client wants to continue for the long term basis.

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