How to Make Money Online

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how to make money online

You can earn money online in India. Many ways are available in front of you for earning money online without any investment.  Just need to put some hours to get handsome amount into your hand. In the time of job insecurities, everyone should have some extra source of income.


Blogging is one of the best methods to make money online. But expertise in the particular topic is required. You can start writing the article as per the proficiency in your field. For example- if I am writing a digital marketing blog because I have expertise in this field. There are many bloggers who had made this as their livelihood. Different ways to earn money through blog is affiliate marketing, Adsense, Sponsored Articles etc.

YouTube Channel 

Like the blog, you can also start YouTube Channel. You should have expertise in the particular field. Then start sharing knowledge through YouTube videos. Then integrate AdSense with YouTube Channel. Money ads into account on every click.  Once subscriber number increases, ask for the sponsored content. In today times, many are earning the good source of income through YouTube channel. But a person should have the specific talent in the field like mimicry, makeup, yoga, exercise etc.

Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate Marketing is a very lucrative way to earn money. In today’s time, social media influencers and bloggers are earning handsome amount through affiliate marketing. Many companies are running their affiliate marketing programs. Anyone can join them and start earning good amount of money. Top Ecommerce websites are also running their affiliate marketing programs.You can join affiliate marketing programs and start selling their products. The Commission can be earned on every product purchase.


There are many websites which also pay for surveys.

Become Freelancer

You can freelancer in any specialized field. Now many freelancing websites are into market such as, etc.


You can search various writing jobs online. In today’s time, writing is most highly paid online job profile. As a writer, you can earn good amount of money.

Social Media Influencer

You can become social media influencer. Social media influencers are earning very good amount of money from the internet. It is very easy to make money online through this method. You need to make a social media profile on twitter and facebook. Increase fan following by posting interesting topic. Once your fan following increased, join websites like blogmint, blogadda etc.

Online Selling Websites

Anyone can list products on online selling websites like amazon, snapdeal, flipkart etc and start selling products. It can be done within few clicks.

Provide Training and Consultancy

If you are expert in the specific field then you can make online very easily. There is a lot of potential in earning money online through training and consultancy. First recognize your hidden talent then start providing training through webinars. Register with websites specialized in training and consultancy. You can also make the own website where can give the description of the courses provided by you.