Long Tail Pro Review- Best Keyword & Seo Tool


long tail pro review

Going to make niche website? If yes then you must download long tail pro for next level keyword research.  Keyword research is major concern while going to build a micro website. It is one of the keyword research and SEO tool for the niche website.

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There are various keyword research tools in the market such as Semrush which is also very effective. Semrush is good for the both broader and niche keyword research. But the USP of long tail pro is niche website keyword research. It helps you to find out profitable niche keywords that can help you to rank in less time. As it gives the detailed analysis of competition.

Detailed Long Tail Pro Review

Keyword research is very important for any website. Google provides its own keyword research tool. But it doesn’t give you in-depth analysis that can help you to take important decisions. It doesn’t work like ordinary keyword research tool. It helps in doing research of keywords that can help you to make money.

Features of Long Tail Pro Platinum 

I am writing long tail pro review because it found it as best SEO tool. The main features of this keyword SEO tool is as follows-

Long Tail Keyword Research

First, I would like to tell about the long tail keyword research and its importance.

It is difficult to fight the competition in broad keywords. For this, you have to put lots of efforts such as backlinks creation, social sharing and lots of content writing. But you can get lots of traffic without putting broad keywords in less effort. It is possible with long tail pro keyword tool. It provides the list of long tail keywords with low competition but higher CPC.

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Here is the example-

For example, you want to make a weight loss blog. There are many keywords for you such as weight loss tips, weight loss diet plan and much more.

But all such keywords are the broader term. And there is huge competition in these keywords. So, it’s better to be more specific for these keywords such as

Weight Loss Tips

  • Weight loss tips for breastfeeding mothers
  • Weight loss tips for college students

Weight Loss Diet Plan

  • Weight loss diet plan for nursing mothers
  • Weight loss  diet plan for working women

You will get less competition by using such broad keywords. Long tail pro helps in identifying such keywords. It gives an idea about competition and average monthly searches.

There is also huge conversion rate in Amazon sales after using long tail keywords because you are writing about the very specific product.

Perfect for Micro Niche Blog 

Are you looking for the micro niche blog? If yes then it can be the difficult task to get a huge number of keyword ideas. But, you can get a number of keywords within few clicks even for your micro niche blog. Also view other details like competition, CPC to make your website more profitable.

Search High CPC Keyword Tools

You are going to put time and money to build a website. So it is important to put the effort in right direction. It can be done by using long tail pro keyword tool. It gives an idea about highest cpc keyword in your niche.

Search Conversion Friendly Keywords

According to the stats, Amazon affiliate marketing websites mostly converts from long tail keywords. As you can target more specific product. So conversion rate increases automatically. Here is the example-

Broad Keyword- Nike Shoes

Long Tail Keyword- Nike shoes for arch support

Conversion more likely happens in the long tail keyword- Nike Shoes for Arch Support. As the visitor will land on the more specific page.

Low Competition Keywords

Focus on low competition keywords if the purpose for your website is to earn money rather than brand building. Because in high competition and broad keywords, you have to fight with big websites. So there are more chances of getting no space on the first page.

Keyword Research with Traffic Estimate

It provides the correct traffic estimate with the list of keywords. To know an average number of searches is very important before putting your time in any keyword.

Estimate Competition 

You can estimate competition with the number of searches. The competition criteria are also divided from very low to very high competition. You can get an idea about low, very low, moderate, somewhat high competition, very high competition, and extremely high competition.

Commonly Asked Question

How to download Long Tail Pro Keyword Tool?

Click here to download long tail pro platinum. You can first try the trial worth Rs 1 Dollar. Once you satisfied with the results, go for the platinum.

What are Long Tail Pro Alternatives?

It will discuss into my next post.