Local Seo Tips and Techniques for Small Business that actually works


Best Local Seo Tips and Techniques

Like the national seo there are some local seo tips that actually works. We have already discussed about what is local seo and its importance in today’s scenario. Before learning local seo optimization techniques, i would recommend you to learn about seo tips.

There are some specific local seo tips for small business. As already discussed local seo can help in growing small business. But it should be done tactfully otherwise you not get the visibility as local seo work on certain things specially location. Local seo techniques and tips are mentioned below. In this, post i will cover local seo tips that are specific. I have also included those local techniques which are also applied in national seo. Because in local seo as well, you have to get the rank first of your business in local listing.

Mention Address

First and foremost thing in local seo is mentioning your address. Then only google recognizes business for appearing into the search result of particular location.

Listing on other Websites

Google search algorithm check for the references. So list business on other local listing websites as well such as yelp, yellowpages, Google Plus. These are some of the big names. You can search through many local sites where you list business. It will help in google recognizing the presence of business.


Google search algorithm emphasis on reviews while deciding the rank of particular local listing. If someone has given bad reviews then also answer it. It will help finding the reason of problem. You can invite customer to write reviews. If no one is writing review, run particular contest related to review writing. It assist in finding various positive reviews related to your business. But here is important to note that if you get so many reviews at once then then your listing come into spam.

Different Listing for Different Locations

Business like restaurants, shops may have presence in various locations. So put different listing for all the locations. It is one of the very local seo optimization tips. As local seo works on locations so it is essential to promote a location once. Putting multiple location may confuse listing.

Give Proper Information in Google My Business Profile 

The information provided in google my business profile impacts overall local listing. Give the all the information properly.

Google has increased the importance of GMB – which means that any business information you add to it reflects on Google Search, Google Maps and Google+. This is meant to make it easy for customers to find you irrespective of the device they are using.

When creating or further developing your GMB for local SEO, ensure that:

  1. Your GMB is filled in completely and accurately with relevant, and consistent information.

  2. The GMB location you’ve listed is owner-verified.

  3. The specific city and town that you are targeting is mentioned in the GMB landing page title.

  4. The GMB primary categories are consistent with your product and that they match a broader search category.