How to Register a Domain Name

The first step is to start a website is to register a domain name . There are many popular sites which register domain names such as, Godaddy, Hostgator. Here is the step by step process to register domain name. I prefer to register the domain name. So i will give reference of this site.


Open the homepage of . Where you will find a box where it is written ENTER YOUR DOMAIN NAME.  You can also chose between the net, org, com by clicking on box in right site.


how to register a domain name step-1


In that box, start typing the name which you have in mind. It may happen that your suggested website name has already taken by someone else. But don’t need to be disappointment. Here you need to use your creative skills to find the best name for your website. You can try less popular words and there combinations.

So here is the example. I want to book a domain name for digital marketing website. I want to have a dotcom. I don’t perfer websites on dotnet, dotonline, dotorg. I have tried various names Digitalclub, digital master, digitalconsultant etc. But every i  see the result like this. My suggested names were available in other web extensions but not for dotcom. None of the name was available for dotcom website.  But i keep on making the combination and then i found the name.


how to register a domain name

Then i found a name for my dotcom website that is webgrowthmaker .  Now i clicked on add button . The button has redirected me to the payment process and registration process.

how to register a domain name

how to register a domain name

You will get all the possible options for payment such as netbanking, credit and debit card. You will get notification on your registered email id.  You can check the order details in my account section .   After completing this process , You need to purchase a hosting plan to build your website. To know the process Read How to Start a Blog