How to Put Advertisement on Your Website


how to put ad on your blog

It is commonly asked question among newbie website owner- How to put an ad on the website. I would like to give the simplest answer as you are going to put an ad on website first time. You need to take Adsense or other advertising site approval before adding advertisement on the website.

How to put Ad on Website?

Here is the step by step procedure to add ads on blog-

Step-1 Take Adsense Approval

Step-2- Go to Create New Ad Units

Step-3- Now Select the Format, You wish to select.

Step-4- Now you could able to see the ad code, Copy it.

Step-5- Paste the ad code wherever you want to put the ad.

Ways to Put Advertisement in Website?

1- Take the Adsense approval 

Take Adsense approval is the first step of adding the ad on the website. You need to fill a form to take Adsense approval. It can be done by login to already existing Gmail id through AdSense. Then you need to fill a form to take approval. Once google will approve your AdSense account then create an ad in the dashboard and then copy and paste the code.

2- Join Other Advertisement Programs 

Also join other monetization programs like propeller ads, taboola, amazon associates. Anyone can put an advertisement in website and blog by taking approval from these programs.  These ad networks work on different formats.

3- Sponsorship 

Blogger can approach companies directly to put an ad on the website. For this, first, prepare the list of companies in your domain. Then prepare sponsorship email with the rate card. Send them to all and also call them for advertising on your blog. Once get the approval, ask for the creative. Contact with the developer to put an advertisement in proper place. Place an ad for maximum results so that advertiser can continue to put an ad on your blog.