How to Make Money from Youtube

Anyone can earn money from Youtube videos. These days Youtube became a great source of earning. Many people are not aware that how to monetize youtube videos. It is very easy to earn money from YouTube channel. Here is step by step process to make money from YouTube.

You can make money from Youtube through Google Adsense 

You can monetize Youtube videos by integrating google Adsense. Step by step process is as follows-

Sign Up with existing email id


You can use existing Gmail id to sign up for adsense. Once, you will click on sign up, a new screen will appear where you will be asked for few details with the channel description and link. Fill all the details carefully and submit it for review.

It takes around a week for the AdSense approval. It is advised to use same Gmail id for AdSense which you are using for Youtube channel.

Step- 2 – How to Monetize YouTube videos through AdSense

Now open Youtube channel and follow step by step process

how to monetize youtube channel (2)

how to monetize youtube channel (2)

1- In My Channel option, click on Video Manager

2- After clicking on Video Manager, all uploaded videos will appear.

3- There you can see the Edit option with each video.

4- Select the video which you want to monetize.

5- Now click on Info & Settings.

6- Once you click on info & settings, a screen will appear with video and settings options.

7- In that screen, below the video, you can see the monetization.

8- Click on that option and move the circle.

9- Once you will move the circle, you can see the monetization option.

10- After some time, ad will start appearing on YouTube videos.

11- You can select from the various ad formats. select the one which best suited for you.

Other Methods to Make Money from YouTube or Monetize YouTube Videos

Sponsored content

Once your Youtube Channel become popular, you start receiving offers from different brands to promote their products.

Influencer Marketing Platform

You can also join different influencer marketing platform where you will be paid for sponsored content. There are many influencer marketing platforms such as blogmint,

So these are the best ways to earn money from YouTube.  It has become a medium to earn huge money for many. You should focus on earning money from YouTube with doing your regular job. It is also best medium to show your talent to world.