How To Generate Leads for Real Estate Segment

Are You Looking For Lead Generation Services in Real Estate Segment

Want to generate more leads in Real Estate? There is a huge competition into the field of real estate. That is why it has became difficult to get more real estate leads.  But, you can do  this by reaching to right target audience. There are many ways to get real estate leads for new agents as well as who are already in market since long time. You can opt for online as well as offline methods. But, in today’s scenario, online lead generation methods are working far better than offline. Although, here we are going to discuss about each method separately. You can pick the best one as per your convenience and availability of resources.

Cold Calling

Still companies believes in cold calling. It is time consuming process and the conversion ratio is very low. But if you are doing cold calling on targeted list, then there are chances to win the race. Cold calling is regarded as one of the best ways to generate real estate leads. It has became the non- competitive area as now most of companies are relying upon online mediums.


Events helps in to get more leads for real estate. Although, selecting the right place for event can only generate the qualified leads for real estate company.

Email Marketing

Sending the mail to right people can close the deal. It is most promising lead generation method that is doing well since very long time. Email marketing is one of the most popular method to get real estate leads online. There are mainly two ways to create email list-

  • Email Opt-in campaign
  • Email Database from Trusted Source


Website is the face of any organization. So it is the first step to get leads for real estate. Prospective buyer first check website whether you are sending email or doing cold calling. Create lead generation website where visitors can easily fill the form.


Run a PPC campaign to get real estate leads for new agents. Google ads can generate qualified leads after the few days of running campaign. You can start running PPC campaign from very small budget only. It is an effective method to get real estate leads online. It provides complete flexibility to the advertiser in terms of budget and many other features. Companies are invest a lot on google ads campaigns to get qualified leads for real estate business.

Search Engine Optimization:

Optimize website to appear on the top of google search result. It would help in prospective buyers to reach while searching for property online. Optimize website on the top of google search results to get find in online search. Seo is a long term process and it may take some time to get indexed and rank on the first page.

Social Media Marketing:

A percentage of time spent online is on social media. Real estate lead generation companies are using social media like facebook, twitter, linkedin to get qualified leads for their business through advanced targeting method. Social media promotion is done into two ways- social media optimization and social media promotion. Now social media advertising has became very crucial due to presenting various targeting method.

Sending Brochures

Send brochure to the companies where you wants to do business. You should aware with the name of key-executives before sending brochure. Buy corporate database with key executives name and contact details. Brochure can also be sent through emails. Although, sending hardcopy with schemes would be great option.

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is one of the best lead generation method. It is helping companies to grow their business by leveraging from the traffic of third party websites. Website gets the commission for generating leads by putting the link of another business.

Influencer Marketing:

It is method of generating leads when others talks about your business. It is a popular method to generate real estate leads online. Influencer marketing is process of identifying, researching and finding the people who can create high impact conversations with the purpose of  generating leads and sales.

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