How to Earn Money from Blog


How to earn money from blog

Blogging has become a lucrative career for many. In today’s time, when there is a lot of competition in marketing, blogging has emerged as the full-time profession. It has opened sources of income for many. Mainly google Adsense is regarded as the main source of income for blogger. but you will be surprised to know that all top bloggers are earning money from the blog through other sources. Affiliate marketing has become one of the best methods to earn money from the blog. Some other sources to earn money from the blog is sponsored content, sponsored posts etc. I would like to go in-depth to earn money from the blog.

Blog monetization methods are as follows-


The most popular and traditional method for blog monetization. Although, you need to put a quality content to start with Adsense. There are some rules and regulations of google for AdSense approval. Most importantly is to put quality and error free content. Google provides various options to choose from for ad format. The step by step process to start earning money from Adsense is as follows-

1- Send request to google Adsense with website link for approval

2- Once it gets approved, access to the dashboard.

3- Select the format and copy the code

4- Put on selected space in website

How to Make a Blog?

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best methods to earn money from the blog. You will be surprised to know that all top bloggers earn money from affiliate marketing rather than the blog. There are many affiliate marketing network that you can join such as CJ.Com, ShareASale, Cuelinks etc.

How to Put Ad on Your Website?

Sponsored Post 

Sponsored post is another way to generate revenue from the blog. You can join the influencer networking marketing platforms as it will directly connect with companies for sponsored post. You can also join various influencer marketing platforms.

List of Blog Post Ideas

Sponsored Content 

There is another popular method to earn money from the blog that is to run sponsored content. Many websites like Taboola, Revcontent, Adnow provides the opportunity to put sponsored content of your website. First, you need to seek an approval then only can move ahead. Anyone can only get the approval if the website is adhering the rules and regulations of these content monetization sites.


You can also start selling products through the blog. It can be done by both, joining an affiliate program or adding an e-commerce platform with the blog. You can buy the product and then sell as well as work on the commission basis with the companies.

Sponsored Display Ad

It is one of the most lucrative methods to earn money from the blog.  Anyone can send the proposal to companies working in your domain to put display ad on the blog. Display ad charges can be varied as per the traffic on the blog. A site with the good amount of traffic earns a lot from display advertising.

Event Coverage

You can be also get paid for event coverage. Many bloggers earn good money by covering event related to their domain. Join blogger communities to stay updated with recent blogging event in your city. It should also be related your blog category.