How to Do Keyword Research and Analysis- Best Keyword Research Tools

google keyword search tools for seo

what are the google keyword search tools for seo

Keyword Research and analysis is very important part of seo strategy. There are many different keyword research tools. Here you will come to know about the best seo keyword research tools that will grow your website.

What is Keyword

There is particular theme for every website and each website work according to that theme only. Some of the website work on different themes at same time. Although it is better to work on same theme to come into google eyes. So you want to know why i am discussing about theme. Because keyword research done on the basis of website theme.

Keyword Research is a method to find out the actual search terms that people enter into search engines like google, yahoo etc. Sometimes, keyword research became a long process. It requires first to search niche keyword and extend search by finding related keywords. You can use different tools for seo keyword research and analysis such as keyword planner, google keyword suggestions, search term report, google webmaster.

So here is the answer of question to how to do keyword research and analysis. As already mentioned above there are different methods of doing keyword research.

The different tools for keyword research are as follows

  • Keyword Planner Tool
  • Adword Search Term Report
  • Google Suggestions
  • Google Webmaster

You will come to know one by one how these keyword research tool can work for you.

Keyword Planner Tool

You can use keyword planner tool to perform keyword research on the basis of your product theme.  It shows you add group ideas as well separate keywords.

How to Perform Keyword Research by Keyword Planner Tool

It is easiest method for keyword research. First login to google adword keyword planner account. Here is the step by step process to do keyword research by using keyword planner  tool.

  • Type Google Keyword Planner in google search box.
  • Click on the results
  • Now sign by using existing email id
  • A page will appear as mentioned below. Type here a keyword related to the theme of your blog such as Skin Care  in the box and click on get ideas.

keyword research tool

A new page will appear after clicking on get ideas where you can see both Keyword Ideas and adgroup ideas. You can take the help of both these. You can try adgroup ideas  to select the synonym of keywords for particular topic.

You can expand your search by searching more keywords by google keyword planner tool. You will get more related keywords. For example- in first search, you written skin care  then you can see various suggestions related to skin care such as best skin care products, anti aging, dry skin care .  Now you can type these terms in search box to get more keyword ideas.

Type in Google Search Box Suggestions

Many of the seo professional ignore this seo keyword search tool. It is very simple yet effective keyword search tool. You must have selected the theme of your website. For example- Skin Care is the theme of your website. So when you type skin care on google search box, you can see various suggestions related to your keywords.

keyword search tool

keyword search tool

It is an effective keyword search tool . You can expand your search by  searching suggested keywords through keyword planner tool.  You can also type different suggestions in google search box to get more keyword ideas. In that way, you would be able to do better keyword research.

Google Keyword Suggestion in Footer 

It is also an effective keyword research tool for seo. You can see keyword suggestion in footer of search result when search something as below screenshot.


To expand seo keyword search , you can click on each suggestion in footer and you would able search more keywords related to your keyword.

Google Webmaster

Google webmaster is an effective seo keyword research tool. Here you can see suggestions related to your keywords. Although, all seo professional don’t use this keyword research tool. But it is an effective medium to perform keyword analysis. Here you can get new keyword ideas for seo by using impressions data. Sometimes, you didn’t added the particular keyword in website. But you are getting impression for that keyword and it is related to your website. Then you can get more clicks by adding into your website. It helps in getting the data related to real searches.

Google Adword Search Term Report

If you are running google adword account then this keyword analysis and search tool can help you. When you run google adword campaign, you also get the search term report. Search report is the data of real searches on which your ad triggers.

How to get google search term report?

  • Open your adword account
  • choose any campaign or adgroup
  • Now click on keyword
  • In this section, you can see the option search term.
  • Now you can check the data related to the actual searches.

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