Digital Marketing Strategy for Startups

digital marketing strategy for startups

Digital Marketing Strategy for Startups

Looking for digital marketing strategy for startups? You are at right place because we gonna tell you best digital marketing tips for startups that would work definitely.

There is a budget hurdle while making startup marketing plans. So here, we are going to put best tools that will deliver results in limited budget as well.  A startup can opt for SEO, PPC, Email Marketing and SMO to grow their business.

Large firms put lots of budget to formulate these plans.But, the main advantage of Digital marketing is that it can be done into small budget as well. So here, i am going to tell an affordable digital marketing strategy for startups.


There are many seo packages from high to low range. The pricing totally depends of the number of keywords on which business wants to rank. There is a huge competition in the field of seo services providers. Some are doing fake promises and through the money of clients. So, don’t look only for the pricing while hiring someone. Also consider their experience into the field.

Any business can grow by ranking on the top of google search results. It can be done by quality content, good website and quality back-links. A SEO service provider should be expert in these fields then only you will receive the profit on investment.


Seo is time consuming process. It may take around 6 months to rank on the top of google result results. Every business cannot wait for the such long duration. In that can case, Startup can invest money on Pay Per Click Advertising. It is one of the very important aspect of digital marketing strategy for startups.

Here, you need to know more about this digital advertising medium. The most beneficial thing about it that you can start even from very low budget. Once, you start getting the results, you can increase the budget as per business goal. The success of PPC campaign depends on various factors such as landing page, ad copy, keywords, sitelink extension etc. It delivers good results if done by an expert PPC service provider. The entire budget may get ruined if you are not following all these parameters.

Social Media Marketing

These days social media is not only about posting and social sharing. It matters a lot for marketers. Must add social media budget in startup marketing plan. Although, put budget on right social medium to get maximum ROI,  Here are some important things to consider while preparing social media marketing plan for startups-

  • Every social media channel is not every suitable for all businesses.
  • Good content marketing is the key for the success of Social Media Marketing Efforts.
  • Give the social media budget only on the hands to experts.
  • First put small budget and monitor the results.

Take the help of expert social media marketing service provider to satisfy all these parameters.

There are the basic things to considered while making digital marketing strategy for startups. Every business requires a customized plans as per the goal and target audience. You can connect with any good digital marketing services provider for a custom made plan.