Best Digital Marketing Strategy for Education Sector

digital marketing strategy for educational institute

Looking for digital marketing strategy for education sector? If yes then you are at right place. The commercialization of education system have introduced marketing concepts The competition in education sector have increased drastically over the decades, hence need for effective digital marketing tactics is a must. Huge number institutes & colleges are investing a good share of their revenue in promoting & marketing their USP’s and acquiring mind space of their prospects. The revolution in social media have created a lucrative marketing space for this segment as people are actively searching for their dream institute.

Digital Marketing Strategy for Education Sector


Education sector have realized the importance of creating a digital identity in the marketing space, hence most of them have started following the business promotion concept. The digital marketing strategy for education sector should start from building a website. Every marketing effort starts from website building.You can buy education theme from paid theme website.

Content Writing

collect the information about the institute, college or school. Put that information on website. Add reviews, testimonials, images, and videos. Students and parents do the internet research before finalizing educational institute. They browse through different websites and go through the content. The content impacts a lot in their decision.

Search Engine Optimization

Parents and students do the google search while finalizing the institutes. So the website should rank on the top of google search results. Must allocate a major percentage of budget on SEO while preparing marketing plan for education institute in India.

PPC Advertising

SEO takes time to rank your site on google, hence there is a need to generate leads instantly. PPC advertising not only provides instant leads but is also useful in generating brand awareness in a small span of time. Education sector has a unique trend wherein admissions happens on a particular time of the year. In that case, invest on PPC advertising to stay ahead with competitor institutes. Create various ad groups as per the courses, you are offering. Add keywords as much as possible.

Online Reviews

It plays crucial part in education sector. Students and parents go through online reviews before admission. Because there you can know from the real customers. So put the campaign to promote students and their parents for positive feedback.

Social Media Marketing

Young and college going are more active on social media. So, institute can leverage from this channel. There are many social media channels such as facebook, twitter, snapchat and instagram where you can connect with young audience.

Listing Websites

There are many websites that provides information about educational institutes location and course-wise. Connect with such website to list your institute as well. Allocate time and money for listing while preparing digital marketing strategy for colleges.

Blogger Affiliation

Connect with bloggers working into this domain. You can tie up with them to write paid post. There are many influencer marketing platform. There you can connect with bloggers working in education sector.


Prepare your institute blog and provide tricks and tips related to the courses you are offering. Students do lots of online research before enrolling to any course.

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