Digital Marketing Strategy for Ecommerce Website

E-commerce Marketing Strategies

There are many E-commerce marketing strategies need to be considered while promoting shopping website. E-commerce business success depends on various parameters like user experience, product pricing, etc.

Recognize Sales Cycle

Every business has a specific sales cycle. Therefore clear picture of sales cycle is of utmost importance.

Pricing Strategy

E-commerce competition increased after the introduction of drop shipping module. You can find the same type of products into many online stores.Therefore pricing is crucial part of E-commerce marketing strategy.

Discount & Offers
This technique not only ensures high conversion ratio but also stimulate repeat sale.Customers look for unique offers & discounts to get maximum pricing advantage. Any online store can counter competition by offering cost effectiveness.

Product Display and Categorization
Every retail business requires to put products into right place.Here are some tips related to that-

Keep product into right category
Create the list of best selling and new products.
Provide the product filter options based on different criteria.

Checkout Process Optimization

A lengthy checkout process may lead to customer loss.Therefore there is a need  to simplify it in order to make the success of all marketing efforts. Here are some important tips in this regard-

Keep it simple and short
Ask only for the required information
Signup should be very easy
Order summary should be clear

Create a helpful Product Description

Every customer goes through product description before making a purchase.An attractive product description clears all the doubts related to the product, hence it should be clear, concise and well written.

Email Automation
Email marketing is still driving lots of e-commerce sales. Hence Email automation on various steps can retain losing customers. Amazon is one of the most powerful example of email automation. It sends various automated mail card abandonment.

Website Updation
One of the most crucial email marketing strategy that many website ignore. Google don’t prefer static website. It gives preference to dynamic websites only, therefore we need to keep updating website by adding new offers and discounts.

Search Engine Optimization
An online store can attract lots of traffic by doing SEO. SEO also increases brand reach and reputation. Although, there is huge competition to rank on the top of google search results.

Social Media Marketing
Social media is a great channel to promote impulsive buying and re-targeting in E commerce. Many E commerce business are only operating through Facebook because social Media channels helps in brand building and loyalty. They also gives hyper targeting options to reach the right audience for your product.

Must add this medium while preparing E commerce marketing strategy. It is proven that only 2% visitors convert into first visit. So, re-targeting keeps knocking the prospective customers and finally boost the sale.