Cost of Facebook Advertising

Factors affecting cost of Facebook Ads

Presently Facebook has become the most attractive platform for businesses to promote their products & services. Hence marketers are trying to determine the actual cost of running Facebook ads campaign. The cost of Facebook advertising is dependent upon various factors like geography, target audience, ads placement, ads design, ads quality, etc.

Here we bring you insights of various crucial factors that control the cost of Facebook advertising.

Facebook Ads Quality & Relevance:

The foremost factor influencing CPC is the quality & relevancy of ads. Facebook takes into consideration various parameters to test your ads like (target audience, placements, creatives, ads design, ads text) & analyses how users interact with your ad (like, share, comment). Ads that are perfectly designed on above parameters have very low CPC & get more relevance than others.

Target Audience:

Facebook Has provided its advertisers with useful targeting options. Therefore, it also expects marketers to laser target their audience to get maximum engagement. Ads that are well targeted receive high clicks & conversions, thus fulfilling the objective of marketers. Facebook gives preference to such targeted ads through lowering the CPC for such ads & showing them more to prospects.

Time of the Year:

Cost of Facebook ads campaign is very much linked with the time factor. It is related to supply & demand concept we studied in our school days. Hence ads are going to cost more during the popular times of the year. It shoots during the festive season, holidays and weekends. Businesses planning to run their campaign in this time period need to have good budget in hand.

Ads Placement:

Another factor decider for ads cost is the ads placement. Because ads placement plays a vital role in generating clicks & conversions. The more premium spot you choose, the more you need to pay. There can be following placement options:

Only on mobile, dektop , tablets

On Facebook: On right hand column, article, integrated videos, mobile new feed

We should not only consider cost while deciding placement but also the frequency of clicks & conversions matters a lot. Through Facebook pixel one can evaluate which ads placement is generating higher clicks and conversion for a specific campaign.

Ads Optimization:

Last but not the least Ads optimization plays a vital role in deciding the CPC. Marketers keep on optimizing their ads so as to generate desired results. Facebook charges more for such activity.