Complete Affiliate Marketing Guide- Step by Step Process Explained


what is affiliate marketing

Many people come to me and asked about the extra source of income for any blog. My answer is always affiliate marketing platform. Likewise Adsense, affiliate marketing is good source of income for any blog. Some blog earns huge revenue only from affiliate marketing programs. But still, there are lots of confusions regarding the concept of affiliate marketing.

Those who have properly implemented affiliate marketing with their blog, only know the worth of it. I also focus only on Adsense in starting phase of my blogging career. But when someone told me about affiliate marketing, I did complete research and then implemented it with my blog.

My first blog is beauty and wellness blog for women. Here I have recommended various beauty products for women. I had optimized these posts for high google rank. I was earning through Adsense on these blog post. But I was into the loss for 1 year because I am not aware about affiliate marketing. When i implemented affiliate marketing with product reviews blog posts, the results was recommendable. That is why, I always recommend every blogger to look more sources of income. Maybe your income can be doubled.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Your curiosity raised to top level after reading above given description about affiliate marketing. If you heard term affiliate marketing first time then you need to do in-depth research first before implementing.

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which businesses share the percentage of the sale if made through affiliate. For example-If you have written the review of particular beauty product on your blog. And given the link of the website from where one can buy the product. If the actual sales occur through that link then affiliate marketer earns commission on that sales.

This is the method through which affiliate marketing program works. There are many affiliate marketing programs which are helping bloggers to earn huge revenues. There are some few points you need to know about affiliate marketing.

Facts Related to Affiliate Marketing

I have written this blog to give you in-depth information about affiliate marketing. This guide is especially for beginners. In next topic, will discuss about best affiliate marketing strategies.

1- It is very important to select the niche of website then only you can achieve the desired success ration.

2- It is crucial to select a particular affiliate marketing program as per the niche of your website.

3- You can earn good amount of income making right affiliate marketing strategy.

4- There are many popular affiliate marketing programs like commission junction, amazon associates etc.