Best Website Optimization Tips. How to Optimize Website?


website optimization techniques



Website Optimization is very important to increase the overall performance of your website. It includes conversion optimization, increase traffic, page views, reducing bounce rate and generating queries. Everyone wants to have a website with lots of traffic, good queries and more page views. It can be achieved  by applying right website optimization techniques.  In this process, you need to look at weak points of your website from different perspectives. Work on following points to optimize website performace

  • Keyword Performance
  • Conversion Rate
  • Bounce Rate
  • Navigation
  • Design
  • Site Speed
  • Website Content

Here is website optimization tips and techniques-

Keyword Optimization 

Every website rank on certain keywords. Use keyword planner tool to find the keywords related to your niche. According write the content, meta description and title for the website.

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Also check Keyword Performance of site for website optimization seo purpose. You can do the keyword analysis  by using webmaster and analytics tool. Go through search analytics option under search traffic on right hand side bar of webmaster tool. Here you can check the position, impressions, CTR and total clicks on organic keywords. You can optimize website for seo by using this report.

How to perform website Optimization task by using keyword report?

  • Find the keywords on first page of search results.

  • Look for the keyword with high number of impressions.

  • Optimize the page with these keywords  to rank on first number in google search results. For which methods are mentioned below. It is one of the best website optimization techniques to increase traffic .

Conversion Rate

The aim of every business is to bring growth. With the increasing trend of Online Media, every business use this medium to grow its revenue. It is important that your website should be conversion friendly to generate leads.  For this, optimize website and landing pages for conversion.

Bounce Rate 

It is critical to deal with bounce rate in any website. Higher the bounce rate, lower the page views in any website. Use google analytics tool to analyze bounce rate  from particular pages of website. Accordingly, optimize website for decreasing bounce rate.


It is one of the very essential website optimization techniques which is sometime ignored by the digital marketing professionals. Site with poor navigation cause harm to overall traffic. Navigation is related to user experience on particular website. So work on each points related to the navigation. Prepare breadcrumbs, categories, related products, internal linking, featured articles etc. There are many points related to improving the navigation in website as per the site structure such as eCommerce website, B2B, Blogging site.


It is the key point for optimizing website and make it seo friendly as well. Google gives priority to user friendly designs. A design with proper navigation, links is considered as good.

Site Speed

Slow speed of website causes bad user experience even after good design and content. It also increase bounce rate. It also impacts the seo results as google gives priority to the good user experience. The site speed is depend on the server. If your site speed is constantly slowly then resolve this issue as soon possible. Otherwise, it may impact overall traffic by reducing page views.

Website Content

I have mentioned various parameters for optimizing website. But you cannot perform website optimization in absence of good content even after following all these parameters. You can optimze your website for google search result by updating good quality, researched, user friendly and keyword centeric content. There are some parameter related to content writing-

Write Unique Content- Copied content is completely prohibited by the google. Website with copied content may penalized by google. It also don’t appear into search results. So write unique and user friendly content.

Keyword Insertion- The time of black hat seo practices has gone when keyword insertion is the key for success in google search result. Now google consider for natural keyword insertion. Site with high keyword stuffing are not considered for search result. Use long tail keywords, synonyms and insert keyword as per the sentence demand.

Link Building

Google passes the link juice from one link to another. That is why white hat link building practices are still into demand. I mentioned white hat link building practices under which build link to optimize your website in natural way. Write guest post, participate in forum, do blog commenting, social bookmarking. But all this should be as per the niche of your website.

Technical Efficiency

Check for the technical errors in website such 404 errors and any other kinds of technical flaws in website with the help of webmaster tool.

Sitemap Submission

Sitemap submission is done to tell google about your website and invite google bots to crawl and index your website. Sitemap can be submitted by using google webmaster tool.