Best Seo Tools For WordPress Site or Blog


seo tools for wordpress site

Looking for the list of best SEO tools for WordPress site? I working on WordPress since last many years. During that time, I have experimented with many SEO tools for WordPress blog. Some failed while some shown very good results.

Like other websites, SEO is very important for WordPress blog. There are many free SEO tools for WordPress as well as premium ones. You can start first with free SEO tool then go for the premium version.

Seo refers to optimizing your website for Google ranking. You are required various tools to appear your website on the top of search results.

List of Best Seo Tools for WordPress Site

I am going to give the list of SEO tools on WordPress that are used by all successful bloggers.

Yoast Seo Plugin 

Updating your WordPress blog regularly? But still missing your favorite place in google search results. There are many things necessary to get the first page in search results. Such as quality content, keywords, link building, social sharing and SEO plugin.

There are many WordPress SEO plugins. But the most preferred WordPress SEO plugin is Yoast. It is free SEO tool for WordPress site. Although, you can buy premium version to access its advanced features. The main features of Yoast SEO plugin are as follows-

  • Write Meta Description, Meta Keyword, Meta Title
  • Get right suggestions for website optimization
  • Create Sitemap
  • Optimize images for search
  • Add meta descriptions in categories
  • Add custom RSS footer into WordPress website


As a blogger, you must be aware of the importance of SEO for your blog. SEMRUSH is the best tool for the SEO analysis of your website. It not only analyze your website but also gives in-depth insight about the competitor website. I will discuss in detail about the each feature of SEMRUSH that can help your website to rank better in search results. SEMRUSH features for a blogger are as follows-

  • Find and Fix Technical Issues
  • Competition Analysis
  • Build a Research & In-depth Keyword List
  • Helps in creating search results and reader-friendly content
  • Discover opportunities for more traffic
  • Gives you detailed report

It is free SEO tool for WordPress website or blog. Although I advise for buying its premium to access advanced features.

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Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner is one of the top SEO tools for WordPress. It is perfect for Adword keyword research. It also gives an idea about broad keyword research. You can get in-depth information about search volume and CPC. This tool is best for WordPress beginners. Main features of google keyword planner tool are as follows-

  • Easy to Use tool
  • Helps in Identifying the competition
  • Suggest Bid
  • Let you know the monthly searches.

Google Webmaster

Google webmaster is one of the free WordPress SEO tools. It helps you to identify the position of your website on particular keywords. It gives the data about the impressions, clicks, and position of the particular keyword. You can do more in-depth research about the keyword ranking of your website.

Why google webmaster is best SEO tool for WordPress site?

  • Find out the number of impressions
  • Number of clicks on your website
  • Keywords of your website
  • Keyword position

Smart Seo Plugin

Smart SEO plugin is must have SEO tool for WordPress blog. You can add meta description, title, the keyword of your website.


Want to have niche website? If yes, then you must start using Keyword Tool io. It gives an idea about long tail keywords for your niche website. It also provides information about search volume, CPC and Adwords competition. The example of long tail keyword research by using Keyword is as follows-

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Similar Web

Want to analyze the competitor traffic? If yes then must try the similar web. Here you can see the overall traffic on your competitor website. You can also view monthly average searches. The main features of similar web are as follows-

  • Provide the total monthly traffic
  • Provide traffic source
  • Percentage of traffic from particular source
  • List of main keywords from which website receiving traffic

Long Tail Pro

Going to make niche website? If yes then you must download long tail pro for next level keyword research.  Keyword research is a major concern while going to build a micro website. It is one of the keyword research and SEO tool for the niche website.

There are various keyword research tools in the market such as Semrush which is also very effective. Semrush is good for the both broader and niche keyword research. But the USP of long tail pro is niche website keyword research. It helps you to find out profitable niche keywords that can help you to rank in less time. As it gives the detailed analysis of competition.

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