Best Seo Tips that Always Works


what are the best seo tips that actually works

Many ask to me that what is seo? How you do this? and most importantly what are the best tips for search engine optimization. If you new then first i want to explain the term seo or search engine optimization. It refers to when you optimize your website to rank first on google search result. Every day a huge number of queries generated on google. It is the work of seo professional to optimize the website to rank on selected keywords. Mostly seo professional target to rank on first page. There are many false notion regarding the seo practices. Like you can win the first rank by putting huge no of back links, stuffing lots of keywords etc. But now google prefer only relevant sites to rank on first page. So in that scenario these are the seo tips that actually works-

Theme of Your Website

First you should decide the theme of your website. Writing on too many topics may hinder you to rank on first page. Google prefers website who have clear perception towards spreading information. You can take any niche topic or cover a wide topic. But your website topics should be related to each other. For example, you are writing a blog on beauty and wellness. Making one category for automobile is completely irrelevant in the eyes of google. Focus on one niche theme to increase your success rate.

Website Design 

Your website design also considered by google on various parameters such as navigation, categories, social sharing button and mobile friendly website.

Mobile Friendly Website

Now google is giving huge importance to mobile friendly websites. The user experience on mobile will also decide the popularity of your website in google search algorithm.


It is one of the very important seo tips which we might ignore many times. Bounce rate is also a factor which is the matter of concern for seo professional. They should always work on improving the navigation of their website and decreasing the bounce rate. Those sites get more importance in google ranking with lesser bounce rate.

Keyword Selection

The keyword selection is essential part of your seo. The future of your website will also decideded by keyword selection. So select keywords on the basis of your website theme.


Divide your website into categories or sub categories on the basis of topics. For example- there can be different categories for beauty site such as hair care tips, skin care tips etc. There is another example- a digital marketing site may also divided into various categories such as social media marketing, seo, sem, email marketing etc.

Keyword Stuffing

The time gone when seo professional rank website by doing unnatural keyword stuffing. As i have already mentioned, now google give importance to only websites with natural keyword stuffing. You are also advised to use synonym of keywords in whole matter.

Natural Back-links

Back links still works but now only natural back-links works. Natural back links refers to guest posting and get back-links from keyword related to your website.

Content Quality

It is one of very important search engine optimization tips. While deciding to prepare a website, you should look for content writer. If you can do then it will also work. But never compromise with quality of content. There are the factors that decides the quality of content-

  • Unique Content
  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Grammar
  • Informative and engaging content

Site Speed

Keep eyes on the site speed because it slow website will ruin  your seo efforts. Google don’t prefer sites with slow speed because it cause bad user experience.

Internal Linking

Internal linking is also major factor in deciding the rank of your website. Internal decides how your topics are related to each other. It also improves the navigation and user experience.

Social Sharing 

Social media is an effective method to reach your target audience. Write engaging content that can be shared on social media. Content with good social sharing always get importance in organic search result as well.

Social Bookmarking

Although social bookmarking is also a important seo tips. There are many good social bookmarking sites which accept links in few simple steps.

Meta Description & Tags

Meta descriptions and keywords should be as per the topic of website. Prepare separate meta description  for each page of website. Add selected page keywords in meta descriptions.

Page Title

Prepare page title on the basis of selected keywords. Your title should be catchy. It will increase the chances of clicking on your topics when your page will appear on search result.