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Looking for the SEO reporting tools for agencies? Working as SEO professional for the agency is not an easy job. You may have to give lots of explanations to your clients about the results. For this, you have to prepare a detailed report. You have to take the assistance of various SEO tools for reporting to clients.

Clients always ask for the detailed results of the efforts done by the agency. There are many SEO tools for agencies that can help you to achieve desired google rank as well as help in preparing a detailed report. These tools help in preparing the detailed report. Such tools also provides  data that can help in increasing google rank of your website.

Google Webmaster
Google webmaster is one of the very effective SEO tools for digital marketing agency. It helps in improving the search results as well as preparing reports. It gives insights about different aspects of search results of client website including clicks, impressions, CTR, Position.
Google Analytics 
It is an effective SEO reporting tool for agencies. It gives in-depth analysis of the traffic and other related trends. Basically, it gives an idea about the following things-
Traffic Sources
It gives an idea about the traffic sources such as organic, referral, social direct, ads. It is very important to aware about the traffic source of your client website. Then only, can put the efforts in right direction. It lets you identify that your efforts are bringing the expected results.
Bounce Rate
It is very important to identify the bounce rate of the client website. Also, find out the bounce rate from particular pages. Accordingly, digital marketing agency can put the effort in right direction. It works by changing the design of landing design.
It is the main feature of google analytics. It provides the navigation report.
Conversation is the ultimate aim of the client. Google analytics helps in identifying the every trend related to conversion. It provides a report about conversion rate, conversion funnel and the total number of conversions. It can be done by goal tracking and event tracking. The feature makes google analytics as one of the best SEO tools for agencies.
Sales Funnel
It also helps in identifying the sales funnel for final sale.
Competitor Analysis Tools
The main requirement of the client is to analyze the competition. The client always asks for the competitor ranking, keywords, and overall traffic. There are many tools available in the market that helps in identifying the competitors latest trends-
Similar Web
It is one of the very effective tools to analyze the competitor trends. It is must have SEO tool for agencies. You can use its free version. Premium version gives in-depth analysis about the competition. This SEO reporting tool for agency provides the following information-
  • Gives insight about the total traffic of Competitor
    Let you know about the traffic sources of competitor
  • Competitor Keywords etc.
There are many more features that you can access in paid version. This is a necessary tool because client always asks for the competitor report. It can be prepared by using the similar web.
Alexa is one of the best competitor analysis tools. You can try its free version to know basic things about the competitor.
  • It gives insight about the main keywords of competitor website.
  • Percentage of traffic from main keywords
  • Similar Sites
  • Traffic Demography
Try its premium version to enjoy its advanced features. Its premium version includes following features
  • Discover Inbound Link Opportunities you are missing
  • Find and Fix technical SEO problems
  • Uncover your competitor keywords
 Semrush is preferred seo tool for digital marketing agency. It gives insight about the competitor. Semrush offers following benefits-
  • Gives insight about the competitor keyword
  • Traffic sources
  • Total traffic on particular keyword
  • Competitor position
and many more features that you enjoy in the premium version.