Best Google Seo Analysis Tips to Know Your Website Seo Health


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Why and When You Need Seo Analysis?

Every one wants to have traffic through organic search results. As there they don’t need to spend money and it also provides long term results. But your website can rank good in search results when it is seo friendly. So you need to do seo analysis to rank your website on the top of google search results. There are many online google seo checker tool available.  Than can help you in google seo analysis.  

Sometimes, traffic become static and it does not increase. That time it became very important to do the seo audit of your website.

How to Do Seo Audit of Your Website?

Now here is the question how you can do the seo audit of your website. There are mainly two ways to do seo analysis 

Hire a Seo Consultant 

You can hire a seo consultant to analysis the seo friendliness of your website. Seo consultant will prepare the complete report of your website. The seo analysis report includes following points-

  • Keyword Density – The report includes keyword density. The number of keywords you are using in a page or post. It will also include recommendations regarding the keyword density.
  • Keyword Usage – Use keyword naturally as per the last recent google updates. The time gone when seo professional use keywords unnaturally to get google rank fast.
  • Content Quality- According to the recent google updates, content is king for any seo article. You need to put the right keyword on right place but without ignoring quality of content. Still many content writers are not aware with the fact. A seo analyzer check the quality of the content in terms of keyword insertion, length of content, copied content and use of synonym keywords etc.
  • Back-link Analysis-  You can rank on the top in google search results by building quality back-links. While building back-links keep the quality priority over quantity.
  • Meta Description, Meta Tags Analysis–  Seo analysis also includes analyzing meta description, meta tags and title.
  • Internal- Linking Analysis-  According to the recent google updates interlinking became very important.  It helps in identifying how the each pages of website are co-related with each others.
  •    Anchor Text
  • Url Analysis

Seo Analyzer Tools 

You can also use the seo analyzer tools. It will  do the seo health checkup of your website. By using these tools, you can get both detailed and summarized report. You need to take paid version for the detailed report. Some of the seo analysis tools are as follows-

Google Website Tool

It is must have seo analysis tool for any website owner. The tool provides the in-depth information about your website performance in search engine. You can data about clicks on particular keywords, impressions and position.

Neil Patel Seo Analyzer Tool

This seo analyzer tool gives you basic details about your website such as keywords, back-links, seo- score, page level speed score, page level seo recommendations, page level speed test, page level speed recommendations.

Broken Link Checker 

The seo analyzer tool offers following features-

  • The broken link checker scans webpages for bad hyperlinks.
  • It Can analyse unlimited number of pages.
  • The seo analysis tool is  useful for SEO optimization
  • The tool checks both external and internal URLs.
  • It shows unsuccessful HTTP response codes and 404 errors for each problematic and dead hyperlink.
  • The broken checker also detects the problems of website integrity and linkrot.

Moz Free Tool

You can try the 30 days trial of Moz Free Tool. As you must know that seo starts with OSE. The tool helps in exploring link building opportunities and content. It gives report about competitors link building exercise and site’s link profile over time.

It helps in researching the best keyword for your site. You get the detailed report about the keyword that are best suited as per your website theme.

On Page Report 

Examine and analyze important search, social and page metrics of any site you visit right in your Chrome browser.

Seo Report Card

It helps in analyzing the basic seo features of any website. It provides the feature of competitor analysis as well. Seo report card provides following basic details-

Rank Analysis

It analyzes the rank of website on chosen keyword with com with competitor as well for Bing, Yahoo and Google.

Link Analysis 

You also get the detailed report about the link building exercise on your website. It will give the report about competitor analysis of link building excercise.

On Site Analysis

Get also basic on site analysis.

Website Accessibility Report

In this report, you will be answered the following questions-

  • Does Your Homepage Load in less then 10 seconds?
  • Does your website’s meta tags allow search engines to index the homepage?
  • Does your website’s robots.txt allow search engines to index the homepage?

Trust Metrics

You also get the report about the trust metrics such as website domain strength and age of the domain.

Report about Current Indexing

You also get the report about the current indexing.