Best E-Mail Marketing Strategies

In the past people use to connect to their friends, relatives, colleagues through mails. Today Businesses connect to their customers by e mails.

You will be surprised to know that despite the rise of social media in the present decade, e mail marketing is 40% more effective in acquiring new customers.

72%of people prefer to receive promotional content through e mails. Therefore importance of e mail marketing cannot be overlooked.

In this article we will be presenting most effective e mail marketing strategies you should adopt to boost your sales.


Attract subscribers through valuable offers:

Adding the maximum count of subscribers is the foremost strategy that a business hons. The value of your website is always measured by the number of subscribers. People don’t give their e mails to anyone until they don’t have any reason to do that. Therefore you need to give them a strong reason for sharing their e mails address. The best way is to offer them something so enticing that leave your customers with no choice but to sign up.

Re-Engage inactive subscribers:

It is any ways easy to target & convert existing customers than influencing new one. E mail marketing also works on the same concept. Therefore we should try to engage existing subscribers as they already know more about you than new ones. Re- engagement can be done through polls & surveys. Existing subscribers can be lured by sending them free gifts on completing the polls & surveys.

Use one Call-To Action in each mail:

Call-to-action is a link or a button that you keep in your mail to stimulates prospect to fulfill your objective. The objective can be buy your product, start a free trial, subscribe for E book, participate in event, etc. It’s always advisable to put one CTA per mail so that your prospect does not get confused & distracted. CTA needs to be appealing to your prospect.

Email Optimization for good mobile experience:

This decade have witnessed people accessing their e mails over the mobile rather than on desktops & laptops. It’s an eye opener that 54% of e mails are opened on mobiles, while desktop contributes to only 19%. If your mail are not optimized for mobiles, there is high probability of getting deleted by subscribers. This reduces your chances of converting subscribers into customers.

Personalize your Emails:

Personalizing your email strategy is very useful in generating engagement. Personalized emails deliver 6 times better response than normal mails. It’s an irony that 70% of the brands do not use this strategy. Personalizing not only means using people’s name in messages but also customizing them to make connect with your subscribers. It can be done by reminding them of some memories that they can cherish.

Add Urgency to Your Emails:

Adding urgency to emails yields desired results as urgency is a key feature of human brain. If you are putting pressure on the prospects to act, then you will anyways convert more subscribers to customers. You must have oftenly experienced marketers using phrases like Hurry! Limited offer, Time is running out, Only few items left, etc. Amazon uses urgency a lot.

Email at the Right Time:

There is always a best time to send e mails to your subscribers. The right time is when your current subscribers are more likely to open , read, visit your website comfortably. According to some trusted sources, the best time to send emails are 6:00am, 10:00am, 2:00pm, 8:00pm , 10:00pm. Its also recommended to test other timings also and analyze the click through & visits you got.