Best E-Commerce SEO strategies for Brand Building

E-Commerce SEO Strategies

The growth of E commerce industry has been phenomenal in the present decade. The ease of searching online, price comparisons, making payments have revolutionized E commerce industry around the globe.

The revolution have added to the opportunities & the competition within the clutter. Amazon rules in most of the product segment. According to a study Amazon will account for more than 50% of the growing E commerce sales by 2021. It reflects that a small piece of share will remain for the rest of us. Hence if, you want to compete with giants like Amazon, flip kart & others, winning SEO tactics is the only way.

It’s the best SEO practices through which you can not only assist customers in buying decisions, but also stimulate word of mouth publicity for your brand.

Here we present some of the best E-Commerce SEO Strategies

Optimize you Website Speed for Faster loading time

Site speed plays a vital role in enhancing your google ranking. Slower sites loose their prospect customers as they abandon your sites before seeing your offerings. Google stated that page loading speed will be a consideration for ranking  for mobile searches.

Online Presence at the right place at the right time

Online search is based on the customer lifecycle, starting from product discovery, to price comparison, to making a purchase, to engagement & retention.

Keyword Selection is the key

It’s not only about ranking on the first page of google, but ranking for the right keyword that matters most. Long tail keyword strategy will go good for the pages that are not ranking well as it takes Lot of effort and time to rank on broad match keywords. According to research, 70% of search traffic comes from long tail keywords.

Connect your audience with rich content

Content marketing is the growth hacker when it comes to E commerce SEO. Content not only engages your audience, but also make them feel close association with the brand. Best of the E commerce stores connect with their audience through blogs and addressing buyers queries online. Conversion rate of websites with blogs is five times higher than others.

Organised  Website Structure

Content structure is the game changer for perfect E commerce SEO strategy. Search engines give preference to well structured E commerce stores. The strategy includes putting most relevant content on top & rest all should flow from that level structure. Internal linking is also most crucial part of SEO as it helps your customers ease of find their products & services.